Thank you 16 Lovers Lane / BRISBANE tonight / and more


It was such an honour to be part of the stellar line-up for 16 Lovers Lane. If I were to be honest, I’d tell you I almost choked during the spoken word part of Cattle and Cane ~ those of you who’ve read my book might recall how important that song is to me. Lindy, Amanda and John - so important to have had the chance to revisit these glorious songs. Thank you for inviting me.


I’m back in solo mode, playing two shows in BRISBANE at The Junk Bar - TONIGHT!!! 🌲🌲🌲
~ the hippest bar this side of Twin Peaks. Tickets for the late show are still available. Early show **sold out**


My first show at The Standard Hotel in Fitzroy felt incredibly strange ~ almost like I’d never walked through those doors before.

I’m back there this Sunday before I head off to ADELAIDE and miss one. Two more Sundays, Oct 14 & 28 from 5pm-7pm ~ 293 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy **free**

R x



16 Lovers Lane / 3 Sundays in Fitzroy / 2nd BRISBANE Show


Just a reminder that “16 Lovers Lane” ~ The Go-Betweens classic album is part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival this coming Saturday. Lindy, Amanda and John revisit the last album they made together with Robert Forster and Grant McLennan before they parted ways. Special guest singers include myself, Paul Kelly, Dave Graney, Jen Cloher, Laura Jean, Alex Gow (Oh Mercy) Dan Kelly & Romy Vager (RVG)... all taking place at The Arts Centre Saturday in the heart of Melbourne.

I’m returning to one of my old haunts this Sunday. When I wasn’t just another bar fly I poured beers at The Standard Hotel (293 Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy) and sang occasionally on their stage. Sunday, I’m starting a three week residency - performing two sets from 5-7pm. These three Sundays - Oct 7, 14 & 28 ~ I’ll be away in Adelaide at The Wheatsheaf on the 21st (in case you were wondering).

B R I S B A N E ~ don’t forget there’s been a second show added at The Junk Bar - a late show with a 930-ish start time. It’s a lovely intimate space - come along.
***FRIDAY OCT 12***
Lots of new tunes, some BOOK reading, familiar songs, old and in-between ~

Here’s a nice quote from Mick Thomas “Last night at the Merri Creek Tavern I saw Rob Snarski play an eight minute ballad about two girls in Northern Ireland crossing peace lines to go to a secret Van Morrison gig. Chasing Van it was called. If there's a better new song going 'round I'd like to hear it.”

See you Rx




This Friday (Melb) + Junk Bar Late


Grand Final Eve looms large in Melbourne and I look forward to sharing a few tunes and tales at the Merri Creek Tavern in Westgarth this Friday. I’m contemplating wearing a football guernsey ... then again, maybe not.


Thanks to all who’ve bought tickets to The Junk Bar in Brisbane ~ we’ve added a second show now ~ Ashgrove, the closest I’ll get to Twin Peaks.


Rewind <<<<

The video for The Blackeyed Susans “A Curse On You” has been doing the rounds, here’s a still. This is what I looked like with a head full of hair.





Spring < solo > shows & GOBs


Shows are popping up like daffodils across the land - great to be able to share my new tunes last month at a sold out show at The Winnebago Lounge with Shane O’Mara - thanks to all who came along.

My first < s o l o > show for spring starts at Mick Thomas’ new bar in Westgarth, that little southern pocket of Northcote on Grand Final Eve. Yes, the Friday holiday we’re indulged with in Melbourne. I’ll be playing two sets, including a lot of the newly penned tunes, interspersed with the old and familiar, reading from the BOOK as well. Promise I’ll sing a thinly disguised song relating to football. 
Book Tickets

Members of The Go-Betweens have put together a stellar cast of singers to perform the songs from “16 Lovers Lane” as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival ~ Paul Kelly, Jen Cloher, Alex Gow, Laura Jean, Romy Vager, Dave Graney, Clare Moore and myself all have the honour of revisiting the past and singing the much loved songs of Robert and Grant on that vast stage of the Arts Centre Melbourne. 
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2018 Basso show 9-11-18.JPG

Perth solo shows have been added to the calendar. Playing The Bassendean Hotel on Friday Nov 9 with special guest Catherine Traicos.
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Also heading to the Fremantle Arts Centre on Sunday for the afternoon session. There may even be a slot left for an acoustic house concert on Saturday Nov 10 - if anyone is keen to have me grace their living room let Andrew at RSHQ know.


<<<<< rewind - from the archives

My brother Mark was in town briefly (he lives in Madrid these days), encouraged to sort through the rubble of his belongings he came across this tape. I know I have one somewhere. It’s a recording made with David McComb, Kenny Davis Junior and myself in 1990 at Island Studios, Chiswick UK. David encouraged me to sing ... to sing the song. 




Busy Times Ahead

It’s been a quiet, cold winter out there. In my world however quiet ... and not so quiet. I’ve been piecing together the songs that will become the next solo album. In fact recording has only just begun with maestro, Shane O’Mara at the helm. 


Here’s the majestic drum kit sans drummer, I never did get a good shot of tub thumper Ben Wiesner. Thanks Ben. 


Shows are springing up across the country, which gives me the opportunity to play these new tunes, read from the B O O K and revisit the familiar. 

Also Acoustic House Concerts are back on!!!! Since I haven’t booked my flights quite yet, have a look to see if there’s a date that suits your town either side of my shows (below) and we’ll take it from there.

I’m playing a show at the stunning new side bar of The Caravan Music Club with Shane O’Mara in about a month's time. Saturday August 25 in fact. It’s small, intimate, 50 person capacity known as The Winnebago Lounge ~ would be good to see you there and get a sense of how the new tunes are settling into the set. TICKETS

The Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 has invited me to chat with Romy Vager (RVG) in a series at ACMI. We’ll be there Sunday September 2 at 2:30pm.
DUETS ~ in conversation with Romy. TICKETS

There’s also a big show with some Go-Betweens in Melbourne ~ performing the songs from 16 Lovers Lane at The Arts Centre with some stellar guests ~ Paul Kelly, Jen Cloher, Romy Vager, Dave Graney, Alex Gow, Laura Jean, Clare Moore, and ... me. TICKETS


Songs from the past, present and future

Sat 25 Aug ~ Winnebago Lounge with Shane O'Mara, Melbourne VIC
Sun 2 Sep ~ Melbourne Writers Festival with Romy Veger at ACMI, Melb VIC
Sat 6 Oct ~ The Go-Betweens 16 Lovers Lane at State Theatre, Melbourne VIC
Fri 12 Oct ~ The Junk Bar, Brisbane QLD
Sun 21 Oct ~ Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide SA (afternoon show)
Sat 3 Nov ~ Smith's Alternative, Canberra ACT
Sun 11 Nov ~ Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle WA (free afternoon show)

Also I found this old clipping in a cardboard box. 1992, shot at The Standard Hotel, Fitzroy with our first Melbourne line-up. I don’t recognise myself. 


See you soon,



THIS FRIDAY~ BES w/ strings at The Melb Recital Centre

IMG_5628 copy.JPG

Hoping you can all be there to see and hear the stunning string arrangements our piano player Kiernan Box has worked on over the preceding months for this Friday’s show at The Melbourne Recital Centre.

It truly is something to behold. Colour, drama, beauty, lushness and grandeur. There will be 14 of us on stage ~ Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors) joins us on trumpet and the uber-talented Clare Moore (Dave Graney and the Mistly) on vibraphone, along with our six piece string section.

Come one, come all ... step right up. 

Special guests ~ instrumental leviathans  ~ The Hungry Ghosts.

See you there,

A snippet from the strings rehearsal in preparation for Susans + Strings at Melbourne Recital Centre, April 2018.




Not long now...


Not long now until our Susans + Strings show at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Friday, April 20th. If you’re yet to secure a ticket you might like to take advantage of the new seats in the wings and circle areas that have just been released. The wings in particular look great for those that like a high vantage point with good views of the stage.  Location, loca…

We’re certainly excited about it. Six Blackeyed Susans + six string players + Clare Moore (The Moodists / Coral Snakes / Dave Graney & The Mistly) on Vibes + Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors) on Trumpet = a bloody, big and beautiful band! Can't wait...scores are being written, set lists finalised, rehearsals booked…it’s gonna be lush. 

Special guests are the the sublime instrumental leviathans ...HUNGRY GHOSTS, led by our own J.P. Shilo.


jack howard.jpg



**SYD & WOLLONGONG** this weekend**


It’s been quite a while since I’ve performed in solo mode, a tad anxious I must admit. Wondering just how the new and old and not-so-old songs will be received. 

The last time I performed in Wollongong may well have been with The Blackeyed Susans and The Dirty Three. I remember Warren being quite playful saying something along the lines of “Good evening Newcastle!!” before launching into some sonic violin swell. 

Anyway, let’s see if the weather holds up, if the baby sitters are organised and the stars align ...hopefully I’ll be seeing you. 

Rob x 



Sydney & Wollongong ROB


Well it looks like Django Bar is selling well enough to move the show into the bigger room upstairs at The Camelot Lounge, more seating and comfort I’m guessing. Hope that’s alright for everyone. Purchased tickets are valid and booking is still the same. Ticket info here.


In the meantime I was approached by a chap in Wollongong who’s decided to host an intimate gathering on Sunday March 18 (early afternoon) in his backyard with a little PA.

Open to anyone friends. If you’re interested the information is here.


New songs are taking shape and the temperature in Melbourne is a mild 20 degrees. 

See you soon,

R x




Solo guy S Y D N E Y


To have sung with The Triffids over the years and now more recently with The Go-Betweens at Sydney’s State Theatre I feel like the mountains to climb are somehow fewer. Or have I simply missed some. Where should I be looking ..? It was such an honour to have been asked by Lindy, John and Amanda to sing Quiet Heart from 16 Lovers Lane, to duet with Romy Vager and to warble with Dave Mason this last week. Where to now one wonders..? I’ve attached some pics from behind the scenes. 

Here’s a review of the concert also if you’re interested ... another review here.


I’m heading back to S Y D N E Y to perform in solo mode at The Django Bar @ Camelot Lounge, Marrickville on Saturday March 17. 

It’s an intimate space and I’m singing songs from the past, present and future ... yes that’s right, some new tunes. I’m hoping to share a few chapters from my B O O K of vignettes.

Try here for tickets.


Also a reminder The Blackeyed Susans perform at Melbourne’s Recital Centre with a string section on April 20, expanded by the addition of Clare Moore on vibes and Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors / Midnight Oil) on trumpet. It’s promising to be beautiful and lush. Tickets here.


Thanks friends,
R x



Susans with Strings/Rob with Go-Betweens...

Susans A5 flyer Recital Centre_digital.jpg

We’re delighted to announce that THE BLACKEYED SUSANS are playing the MELBOURNE RECITAL CENTRE on FRIDAY, APRIL 20th! How classy and grown-up! And befitting such an occasion, we’re expanding the line-up with a STRING SECTION, plus CLARE MOORE (vibes) and JACK HOWARD (trumpet) will be joining us for the evening. It’s going to be LUSH! What’s more, J.P. SHILO'S sublime instrumental group HUNGRY GHOSTS will be kicking off proceedings with a rare opening set. This is it, folks; The stars have aligned. Your favourite MOODY ROMANTICS playing the best room in Melbourne with STRINGS and a raft of very SPECIAL GUESTS. Reasonably priced too. 

Never before staged in Melbourne, SUSANS + STRINGS sold out at the Sydney Festival in 2016. We humbly suggest you DON’T MISS OUT…


This week I’ll be in Sydney singing songs from 16 Lovers Lane at The State Theatre with members of The Go-Betweens and a stellar array of singers ranging from Dave Mason, Peter Milton-Walsh, Romy Vager, Steve Kilbey and more. All part of The Sydney Festival, celebrating a classic Australian album. 

Here’s a little snippet from an ancient scrapbook I’ve got tucked away ... nearly thirty five years later. Who would have thought?


I’ll be returning to Sydney for an intimate show at the Django Bar in Marrickville, Saturday March 17 - playing songs from past and present, reading chapters from “Crumbs From The Cake” and taking a request or two ... if there’s anything you’d like to hear, best let me know soon and maybe jot that date down in your diary. 

R x



Christmas Sale: LOW FIDELITY CD $9.95

Seasons Greetings.

Thanks to all who’ve come along to my solo shows, the book launches and The Blackeyed Susans’ “Close Your Eyes and See” tour across the country, throughout the year...and of course the recent weekend of Christmas Shows in Melbourne. 

It’s been a bit of a hectic year, productive with some unexpected moments.

Very much looking forward to being part of 16 Lovers Lane - The Go-Betweens concert at The State Theatre in Sydney as part of The Sydney Festival 2018. I’m one of a handful of guest vocalists performing the songs from 16 Lovers Lane with past members Amanda Brown, John Willsteed and Lindy Morrison.

Tickets still available here but be quick, they’re nearing capacity.

Also, The Blackeyed Susans will be performing at The Melbourne Recital Centre with a string section in April. Our only Melbourne show for the first half of the year. Tickets will go on sale in January so keep an eye out as it’s not often we have the opportunity to perform with such a resplendent backdrop.


I’ve recently been bestowed a supply of my 2015 CD “Low Fidelity” (Songs By Request Volume 1) - a quirky collection of songs chosen by/requested by y’all. Covering everyone from Joni Mitchell, Lee Hazelwood, Spiritualized, Pulp, Lou Reed, Edwyn Collins to Glen Campbell and many, many more. Recorded in parts on my iphone in the hills of TECOMA before Shane O’Mara coloured the musical palette with all manner of sounds and exquisite guitar noodlings. The artwork also features two works by renowned Melbourne painter, extraordinaire Fiona McMonagle. 

Available now at very special, lowly Christmas price of $9.95 plus postage. Be quick.

Here’s a little video I put together too. Don’t ask me how to change the music, I haven’t mastered that.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. 




The Blackeyed Susans: Now with added Killjoys

BES_A3 Xmas poster_2017_final.jpg

It gives me great pleasure to announce that THE KILLJOYS TRIO (Anna Burley, Craig Pilkington and Caroline Schwerkolt) will be our very special guests at our annual Melbourne CHRISTMAS SHOWS in December. 

The two bands go way back, having shared a manager in the early '90s and a drummer in the mid '90s when BIG DAVE FOLLEY filled in on the MOUTH TO MOUTH tour. In fact BIG DAVE, ANNA and PHIL KAKULAS were GO-BETWEEN GRANT McLENNAN'S backing band on his ’94 world tour and later CRAIG PILKINGTON produced and engineered our 2003 album SHANGRI-LA. So yeah, we have history. Looking forward to Anna joining us on stage to sing a few songs too.

Tickets are selling fast (thank you!) with all tables now booked out for the Caravan show and just a few tables left for the Saturday and Sunday shows – so GET IN QUICK if you want to book one. Plenty of standing room still available at all shows.

This will be the 9th consecutive year we've dusted off the tinsel and fired up the Christmas lights, for what has now become, well, a bit of a tradition. As usual they’ll be a SMORGASBORD of Christmas-related songs, plus CHOICE CUTS from our latest album and the best of our back catalogue.

2017 has been a big year for The Blackeyed Susans, with our latest album CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SEE getting rave reviews from fans and critics alike (thank you again!) and a successful national tour to boot. So, come help us celebrate the birth of little baby Jesus with a song or two this Christmas. 

FRI 15 DEC – CARAVAN MUSIC CLUB, Oakleigh VIC  Tickets

SAT 16 DEC – SPOTTED MALLARD, Brunswick VIC  Tickets

SUN 17 DEC – SPOTTED MALLARD, Brunswick VIC  Tickets  (kid-friendly matinee, under 12s free entry with guardian)




Solo shows, The BES Christmas, a Go-Betweens invitation and more ...

Busy times ahead. 

A few shows that may be of interest; including a solo performance, a writing panel in Geelong, The Blackeyed Susans Christmas Shows and an unexpected invitation to sing songs from 16 Lovers Lane with some past members of The Go-Betweens at The Sydney Festival.

The Caravan Music celebrates its 10th and sadly its last birthday under the helm of Peter Foley who has handpicked a stellar cast to perform this coming Sunday afternoon. Tickets selling fast.



Saturday Nov 18

Panel Discussion with Neil Murray, Rob Snarski, Charles Jenkins.
At a minimum, a song lyric is working if it connects to the listener on an emotional level. Join three of Australia’s most well-respected and lyrical masters of song as they explore the techniques and inspirations that turn their craft into the scores of our lives.
Session Chair: Andrew Nette

Adult $20
Concession $17

There’s also an acoustic “salon” performance in the evening with Chuck Jenkins... 8:30-10:00pm. Tickets

Well, drum roll please, because it's time to announce The Blackeyed Susans' Christmas shows for 2017. 


This will be the 9th consecutive year we've dusted off the tinsel and fired up the Christmas lights, for what has now become, well, a bit of a tradition. As usual they’ll be a SMORGASBORD of Christmas-related songs, plus CHOICE CUTS from our latest album and the best of our back catalogue.  

FRI 15 DEC – CARAVAN MUSIC CLUB, Oakleigh VIC  Tickets
SAT 16 DEC – SPOTTED MALLARD, Brunswick VIC  Tickets
SUN 17 DEC – SPOTTED MALLARD, Brunswick VIC  Tickets  (kid-friendly matinee, under 12s free entry with guardian)

Sometimes I find it incredibly difficult to separate the singer from the “Fanboy” that occupies my very being. Having some of The Go-Betweens ask me along to sing songs from their classic album 16 LOVERS LANE along with Dave Mason, Steve Kilbey, The Clouds, Peter Milton Walsh, Romy from RVG ... is indeed an honour and to be performing at Sydney’s State Theatre ... well, I’m really chuffed.  Tickets


Occasionally I still perform my solo private acoustic house concerts. If anyone is interested don’t hesitate to get in contact with Andrew Fuller at RS Headquarters.

2017-11-05 19.02.44.jpg

Jeremy’s acoustic house concert, Yarraville.

Thanks friends,



The Blackeyed Susans Christmas Shows 2017

Well, drum roll please, because it's time to announce our Christmas shows for 2017. We’ll be playing in Melbourne at the Caravan Music Club on Friday 15 December and the Spotted Mallard on Saturday 16 December and Sunday 17 December (special kid-friendly matinee show).  
This will be the 9th consecutive year we've dusted off the tinsel and fired up the Christmas lights, for what has now become, well, a bit of a tradition. As usual they’ll be a smorgasbord of Christmas-related songs, plus choice cuts from our latest album and the best of our back catalogue.  
2017 has been a big year for The Blackeyed Susans, with our latest album Close Your Eyes and See getting rave reviews from fans and critics alike (thank you!) and a successful national tour to boot. So, come help us cap off a great year and celebrate the birth of little baby Jesus in style this Christmas!  


Fri 15 Dec – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh VIC | Tickets
Sat 16 Dec – Spotted Mallard, Brunswick VIC | Tickets
Sun 17 Dec (matinee) – Spotted Mallard, Brunswick VIC | Tickets

Now, not to put the hard sell on you or anything but we figure you’re probably thinking that Christmas is miles away with plenty of time to buy tickets, and fine, that makes sense, but we just want to tell you not to leave it too long because these shows do have a habit of selling out. 


Special guests to be announced soon...  

ps. Need to buy some early Christmas presents? Why not visit our gift store for all your wants and needs.



BES in Adelaide, Clare Bowditch and more B O O K news ...

The Blackeyed Susans finish their national tour in support of our latest album "Close Your Eyes and See" in Adelaide at The Wheatsheaf Hotel on Saturday July 29 (with special guests Adelaide, alt-country sweethearts The Yearlings) and a special Sunday matinee on July 30 (BES playing two sets, no support, it's a kid-friendly afternoon) 

Ticket information here.

I've also been talking about the B O O K with various folk in a variety of locations. 

John Willsteed (The Go-Betweens) in Brisbane at Avid Reader, William Yeoman (Book reviewer/ editor at The West Australian) at Northside in Perth and in Adelaide I'll have the opportunity to talk with Robert Dunstan (B-Side Magazine Editor) on Saturday afternoon (July 29) at Mr V Music - 115 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore from 1pm, with a Q&A and a song. Come along Adelaide friends, get your two Bobs worth ... it's free.

What people have been saying about "You're Not Rob Snarski / Crumbs From The Cake" ...

"An absolutely superb collection of vignettes about life 'n' music. Poignant, insightful and frequently moving." 
Stuart Coupe (Music journalist, 2SER Dirt Music Presenter)

"Rob Snarski's book is not only an illuminating, witty and often touching insight into the life of working musician ... but it also casts a keen eye over our Australian music scene."
Brian Nankervis (Rockwiz, ABC774 Friday Revue Presenter)

Clare Bowditch invited me to share a guilty musical pleasure on her afternoon show on ABC 774 recently. Unusual in that after I chose the song, I realised it was the very first song I remember coming into my consciousness as a little kid - well, other than the nursery rhymes or songs my mother would sing. What was the song you ask..?

'Twas  ...  "The Green ,Green, Grass of Home".

Clare and I sang the song as a duet, and yes Clare Bowditch truly sings like a bird, weaves a melody effortlessly, quite incredible really. Listen for yourself here ...

See you in Adelaide,




The Blackeyed Susans: Two Nights with a Bearded Lady, BRISBANE

We bring news of a brief liaison with a Bearded Lady plus a vinyl launch and a date with Vincent Van Gogh.


This weekend we travel to BRISBANE for two shows at THE BEARDED LADY on FRIDAY JUNE 9 and SAT JUNE 10. We’’ll be playing songs from our new album, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SEE, plus the best of our back catalogue. Special guests on the Friday are THE STRESS OF LEISURE, self described 'Sub-Tropical Post Punk Pop crossed with Art School Brisbane Indie.' Whilst on Saturday night we’re pleased to be joined by the atmospheric improvisations of JIVE CANYON.

Either way, come help us launch the album. It’s been getting embarrassingly good reviews from critics and fans alike and the live shows have been just as warmly received, with SELL-OUT SHOWS around the country. We’ll have VINYL, CDs, BOOKS and more available from the souvenir stand too.  

Hope to see you there.

Fri 9 June - The Bearded Lady, Brisbane  TICKETS
Sat 10 June - The Bearded Lady, Brisbane  TICKETS


While in Brisbane, Rob is popping by Avid Reader Bookstore (193 Boundary St, West End, BRISBANE) this Saturday afternoon at 3pm to talk about his book "You're Not Rob Snarski" and answer any curly questions you might have about memoir writing. He's taking his guitar and promises a tune. See here for ticket info.


We'll be launching the vinyl edition of our new album with an acoustic in-store performance at Greville Records, Melbourne on Sunday, June 18 at 4pm. Signed limited edition hand-numbererd vinyl available on the day or (signed on request) from our online shop.


Join us at the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces, Van Gogh and the Seasons, for a special after-hours performance at NGV Friday Nights, Melbourne on June 23.

Doors open 6pm. Susans from 8.30pm in the Great Hall. (NGV Friday Nights tickets include entry to the Van Gogh and the Seasons exhibition.)

Fri 23 June - NGV Friday Nights, Melbourne  TICKETS



Words vs Music

Currently galavanting about the country with The Blackeyed Susans. The new album "Close Your Eyes and See" is being well received and the shows so far have been pure joy.

In between gigs I'm heading out to do some book readings, Q&A events.

Planet Northside in Perth hosts the first of these book events.
Saturday May 27 at 2pm
192 William Street, Northbridge WA 6003

The second will be held in Brisbane at The Avid Reader Bookstore and Cafe.
Saturday June 10 at 3pm
193 Boundary Street, West End QLD 4101
> Details

For those interested, here's an audio file of the JOHNNY CASH chapter from the B O O K.

Books available here friends.

Thank you all.



The Blackeyed Susans: NSW, WA, Vincent and Vinyl

Our album tour continues with launches in NSW and WA in May, plus a special after-hours performance at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne in June. 


Tickets are selling fast to the Saturday show at Leadbelly, Sydney on the 20th May. Get in quick or you just might miss out. Should that happen, we'd love to see you at the Sunday matinee show.

Supports for both performances are the wonderful Peter Milton Walsh & Amanda Brown (from The Apartments). Looking forward to playing Lizotte’s Newcastle again too on Friday, 19th May. Great room for casting spells – which is exactly what J.P. Shilo will be doing in a special solo set before The Susans take the stage. 

Fri 19 May – Lizotte’s, Lambton Newcastle NSW  TICKETS
Sat 20 May – Leadbelly, Newtown Sydney  TICKETS
Sun 21 May - Leadbelly, Newtown Sydney  TICKETS


We’re going back to where it all began - some 28 years ago!

Great to be playing Perth again in May, especially now The Holy Rollers will be reforming to support us at Mojo's May 26th and Badlands May 27th. Long time fans of Perth music will fondly remember Greg Dear’s indie legends and their song Above The Law, amongst others. Susans’ fans get this exclusive opportunity to see The Rollers in their first performances since they played a few songs at Perth’s SOTA festival in 2014. 

Fri 26 May – Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle  TICKETS
Sat 27 May – Badlands Bar, Perth  TICKETS

NGV FRIDAY NIGHTS Melbourne VIC (June 23)

Join The Blackeyed Susans at the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition, Van Gogh and the Seasons, for a special after-hours performance at NGV Friday Nights on June 23rd.

See the exhibition, then enjoy a bite to eat in the company of a string quartet, before wrapping up the evening  with a live performance by The Blackeyed Susans in the Great Hall.

Doors open 6pm. The Blackeyed Susans from 8:30pm. (NGV Friday Nights tickets include exhibition entry to Van Gogh and the Seasons.)

More info & tix HERE.


We’re on track for a mid-to-late May release of the vinyl edition of Close Your Eyes and See and to celebrate we’ll be launching it with an in-store performance at Greville Records, Prahran Melbourne on Sunday, June 18th at 4pm. Pre-orders for the limited edition, hand numbered vinyl album still available, along with CDs and other curiosities from our online shop.

Hope to see you soon




The Tour Begins Saturday

Thanks to everyone who's come along to the book events recently. It's been a lot more enjoyable than I imagined, somehow easier talking about writing memoirs than the slippery subject of songwriting.

Having said that I'm part of the Rock n Roll Writers Festival in Melbourne along with Mick Thomas and Hugo Race amongst others. Check in here for tickets for The Abbotsford Convent chats.

The Blackeyed Susans first tour in over a decade is about to kick off this Saturday April 1 in lovely H O B A R T at The Republic Bar. We're launching our new album "CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SEE"; beautifully mixed and produced, it's sonically and visually stunning. For Melbourne friends, our show at The Corner in Richmond follows on Saturday April 8. Tickets to all shows available here.

Books and CDs available here.

Hope to see you somewhere soon.