We had a lot of fun putting this footage together. Here’s a video teaser for the single ~ ALL GOD’S CREATURES ~ shot in the Sherbrooke Forest not far from home, by my good pal Taryn Lee Steere 🎥 Thanks to all the children who starred ~ energy levels were cracking the richter scale, no limbs were broken and no-one was bitten by a snake or attacked by a wombat, thankfully.

Rehearsing All God’s Creatures ~ with BROADS.

A snippet from rehearsal ~ Equine Dreaming [outro] with BROADS.

Here’s a little bit about Track 3 from SPARROW & SWAN 'Robert Mitchum at Mitcham Station' ~ a train trip [over the course of decades] pays homage to forgotten Hollywood star Robert Mitchum ~ if not for one little vowel. The song deals with the intimacy of the train carriage’s enclosed space, blasé and apathetic behaviours ~ conversations overheard, drug dealings, romantic notions, and our obsession with popular culture.

'Turnin' Off A Memory' (Merle Haggard cover) by Rob with Charlie Owen (and Booboo the dog). Recorded off-stage before their performance at Music On The Hill on Friday 1 January 2016.

The first video taken from Wounded Bird for 'The Lay of The Land' by the immensely talented L.J.Spruyt.

Live performance at The Vanguard, Sydney August 1, 2014 with J.P. Shilo 

'Tender Like A Bruise' performed by Rob Snarski and filmed by Sioux Clark - from Acoustic House Concert, Melbourne, May 2014.