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Tick-tock... the album launch is only three weeks away ~ so get in real quick for a table seat at the new Caravan Music Club. I’ll be joined by the magnificent players on the record ~ Shane O’Mara [guitars] Kiernan Box [piano | organ] Rosie Westbrook [double bass] Ben Wiesner [drums] and the glorious vocals of Kelly Day and Jane Hendry aka BROADS, singing back-up, with Jane adding a touch of violin. We’ll be concentrating on the new album but also delving into some of my favourite songs from my back catalogue ~ Wounded Bird, Low Fidelity and There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You.

It’s Adelaide’s turn next with two shows at The Wheatsheaf [early and not so late] on Sunday April 14. Shane O’Mara will be on the road with me for the remainder of the tour ~ he’s the producer of the album and took great care in shaping the sound of the record, not only that but he’s a maestro guitarist ... incredible.


Thanks again to all those who pre-ordered SPARROW & SWAN. It should be in your local, beloved record shop by now but you can still purchase online here for a signed copy from me.

The album is also available to order via Bandcamp and iTunes.


Here’s a little bit about Track 3 ‘Robert Mitchum at Mitcham Station’ ~ a train trip [over the course of decades] pays homage to forgotten Hollywood star Robert Mitchum ~ if not for one little vowel. The song deals with the intimacy of the train carriage’s enclosed space, blasé and apathetic behaviours ~ conversations overheard, drug dealings, romantic notions, and our obsession with popular culture.

Things we do and sometimes dream up to try to escape the general ennui we experience in our day to day existence.