Amazing, Sparrow & Swan is earlier than expected. It’s here ~ Sparrow & Swan have landed [I know, terrible ...obvious pun]. Excuse my excitement.

The anxious, arduous wait is over and I can send out all the pre-orders to the kind folk who have purchased the CD - so expect a delivery in the next few days, and for those overseas, I’m guessing a week. It’s the one time I don’t mind waiting in the queue at Australia Post. Yippee-i-O.

This recording has exceeded all my expectations ~ mainly through the generous time given to the project by the immensely talented folk involved in its conception. Big, big, BIG thanks to Shane O’Mara, Ben Wiesner, Kiernan Box, Ben Franz, Rosie Westbrook, BROADS [Kelly & Jane] and the wondrous Rebecca Barnard ~ the majority of whom will be performing these songs with me at The Caravan Music Club [Melbourne] for the southside album launch on Friday April 5 with special guests ~ BROADS. Be quick to get a table seat, lickety split, tickets available here.

Shane O’Mara will also take off with me around the country to play you these tunes at some of my favourite venues in some of my favourite cities. Can hardly wait. Hopefully see you there.

The album should be available in your beloved local record store on March 15, but if you rather a signed copy sooner, head here:

Hope you all like the tunes.

Bye for now ~ I’m off to the post office.
R x