Pleased to unveil just some of the ensemble involved in the recording of SPARROW & SWAN and who will also be joining me along with super gal duo BROADS and Rebecca Barnard for the album launch at The Caravan Music Club.

Here we have ~ Ben Wiesner : drums, Rosie Westbrook : double bass, Shane O’Mara : guitars, yours truly and Kiernan Box : keyboards. Rehearsals have been sounding exceptional ~ if you don’t mind me saying.

20190324-_MG_8632 copy.jpg

We had a lot of fun putting this footage together. Here’s a video teaser for the single ~ ALL GOD’S CREATURES ~ shot in the Sherbrooke Forest not far from home, by my good pal Taryn Lee Steere 🎥

Thanks to all the children who starred ~ energy levels were cracking the richter scale, no limbs were broken and no-one was bitten by a snake or attacked by a wombat, thankfully.

Album launch coming up all too soon at The Caravan, Friday April 5th ~ see you there with this stellar cast ... then onto Adelaide with guitar maestro Shane O’Mara for two special shows at The Wheatsheaf [early and not so late] Sunday April 14th.

20190324-_MG_8730 copy.jpg

Come one, come all.

Just on a fanboy note ~ saddened by the news of the great Scott Walker passing away. If you’ve never heard Scott 1-4 and love lush orchestrations, visceral and visual lyrics sung beyond beautifully, he may be someone you’d like to tune into. Here’s one of my favourites ~ ROSEMARY.