Very excited to announce the completion of the new album SPARROW & SWAN due for release mid-March.

With the first single ALL GOD’S CREATURES available here for your listening pleasure. It features exquisite guitar work from Shane O’Mara, beautiful harmonies from gal duo BROADS and a Havana~style piano solo from the wandering hands of Kiernan Box. ALL GOD’S CREATURES takes a wander through a dramatic Australian summer day where “the heat shakes the air and the rain vows to kiss the ground”.

We're bringing the band to the Caravan Music Club for the launch of SPARROW & SWAN on Friday April 5 with special guests ~ BROADS. Tickets on sale now.

More news coming very soon...



The heat shakes the air as it rises from the ground
The shadows from the trees shift with the breeze without a sound
Bugs and the bees, flowers and the trees close around you
As the heat shakes the air
Agapanthus, dandelions reach out towards the sun
The willow weeps along the creek sensing that the spell has just begun
Dragonflies and birds of prey awaken to a brand new day
As the heat shakes the air
Grass seeds cling onto your clothes they’re hanging off them weary bones
It’s 29 there in the shade, welcome to a summer’s day
Cicadas drone their lonesome song that follows you until you’re home
As the heat shakes the air
Thunder’s cracking overhead affirmation of a change
The mercury drops and the seasons clash again
Clouds wrap themselves around the sun relief for everything and everyone
As the heat shakes the air
Now the rain has vowed to kiss the ground
For all God’s creatures