I've been a bit quiet on the music front of late. Now out of the blue I have four shows for the next four Sundays in the front bar of The Croxton Park Hotel, Thornbury. All free and kid friendly 4:30-6:30pm... two sets. Yes, Rock at the Croc, or in my case roll and rattle a bit.

The first two Sundays I'll be joined by that enchanting musical conjurer JP SHILO and the last two by that dapper gent & guitar maestro SHANE O'MARA. There'll be a sprinkling of Wounded Bird and Low Fidelity tunes, tap-dancing and sorcery. 

Here's a few pics of things.

A car I like... the steering wheel has my initials therefore it must belong to me.

Some pics from the Fremantle Arts Centre earlier in the year. Thanks to all who came along.

I happened to be in Perth for four days in a row of 42°. Lovely.

I was also lucky enough to sing with The Triffids at the HOME concert which opened the Perth International Festival with a cast of thousands.

Oh, I still have my moustache.

See you for a Sunday in April at The Croxton Hotel 607 High St, Thornbury.


Rob x