Well the LOW FIDELITY tour has begun in chilling earnest. 

These coming weekend(s) I launch LOW FIDELITY in Melbourne and Adelaide along with maestro guitarist Shane O'Mara.

Saturday JULY 25 - NORTHCOTE SOCIAL CLUB (Melbourne)

Sunday JULY 26 - WHEATSHEAF HOTEL (Adelaide)

Friday JULY 31 - CARAVAN MUSIC CLUB (Oakleigh) 

Thanks to all the Sydney folk who came along to The Vanguard... and the lovely people of Tasmania for our warm reception in Hobart and Port Arthur. (I've included some pics of The Big Sing and Bonfire - the pinnacle of The Festival Of Voices on the Friday we performed in Hobart)

In Port Arthur we played on the historical site... chilling in both senses of the word.

If anyone's interested in my early working life read on here...

See you soon!