Returning to Brisbane to play two shows at Ashgrove's answer to Twin Peaks ... The Junk Bar. Intimate and creepy. Early and late shows on Saturday April 11.

Playing at my local The Burrinja Cafe in Upwey on Saturday May 2. Hopefully my neighbours will come along.

My first trip to Darwin and something I'm really looking forward to. Tell your friends and relatives to pop into The Railway Club on May 24. I'm not sure what to expect except perhaps a rise in temperature. 

I haven't played in Newcastle for many moons so look forward to Lizotte's on Thursday June 4.

And I think friends that's about it for now ... the songs from Wounded Bird will have a little rest or have I said that before..?



ps. If you happen to be in Melbourne this Saturday night I'm supporting The Audreys at The Toff In Town.