The songs of Low Fidelity (Songs by Request Volume 1) are recordings made by Rob Snarski in his home, singing songs requested by fans. From the hills of Tecoma, the recordings made their way to Yikesville, home of studio boss and guitarist Shane O’Mara for studio augmentation and mixing.  Mastered by the inimitable Mikey Young, the result is an album that is warm and rich and deliciously stripped back and honest.  From Nina Simone to Lou Reed to Spiritualized, "Low Fidelity" includes 18 hand-made tracks and is released via Teardrop Records/Rocket Distribution on June 19, 2015. 

Rob says “I've always had a penchant for 4-track demos and lo-fi home recordings especially back in the day of tape. To me they've held a charm and honesty where the flaws become the strengths; there's usually a more relaxed vocal delivery, an unbalanced mix and some awkward arrangements, which for whatever reason sound sweet to my ears.

This collection of songs were requested by fans and friends and all were recorded at home in the hills of Tecoma - in the kitchen, office and bedroom on my iPhone. I didn’t really set about recording the songs meticulously and it wasn't until late into the project it dawned on me I was gathering quite an interesting collection of song requests and perhaps other likeminded lo-fi music loving folk may enjoy them as well.

The recordings were played to producer and guitarist Shane O'Mara who embraced the project wholeheartedly - tweaking things here and there and adding to the atmosphere of it all ... a touch of extra reverb, adding an electric guitar or sitar or just a simple EQ of my original recording.

The most difficult part was the sequence of the track-listing of this ungainly beast, so I encourage the use of the "shuffle" button and feel free to listen to the recordings on the speaker on your phone or at a hushed volume on your stereo.”

The result is a recording that is warm and rich and deliciously stripped back and honest.


1. Graciously (Edwyn Collins)
2. Tiny Dancer (Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
3. I Can’t Make It Alone (Gerry Goffin / Carole King)
4. The Way You See Me (Willie Nelson)
5. River (Joni Mitchell)
6. The Flood Johanna (Chad's Tree / Mark Snarski)
7. Wild Is The Wind (Dimitri Tiomkin / Ned Washington)
8. Come On Home To Me (Lee Hazelwood)
9. You Lie, You Cheat (Spiritualized / J. Spaceman)
10. Babies (Pulp)
11. Bad Man (Greg Oblivian)
12. Wichita Lineman (Jimmy Webb)
13. Turning Off A Memory (Merle Haggard)
14. Satellite Of Love (Lou Reed)
15. Golden Boy (Rob Snarski / Marc O'Carroll)
16. Dolphins (Fred Neil)
17. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon)
18. Wolves (Phosphorescent / Matthew Houck)

Artwork by Fiona McMonagle