ADELAIDE *Sunday* ~ WA in June


Firstly, a big, big thanks to all who attended the south-side launch for Sparrow & Swan at The Caravan. ‘Twas a fine night ~ the musicians, the audience, the ambience ~ thanks for listening, so attentive ~ couldn’t ask for anything more.


I’m taking my moustache, a couple of guitars and maestro guitarist Shane O’Mara to ADELAIDE to launch Sparrow & Swan at The Wheatsheaf, Thebarton this Sunday, April 14 **one show only** ~ 5pm doors. Looking forward to playing my favourite pub in Adelaide.

Tickets 🎫 available here ~


Also, finally ... very pleased to announce two shows in WA ~

Lyric Lane, Maylands
Friday June 21
Tickets 🎫 here ~

The Aardvark, Fremantle
Saturday June 22
Tickets 🎫 here ~

See you soon ~ Rx



🚀 FRI NIGHT LAUNCH ~ Sparrow & Swan

Sparrow & Swan cover 1500px.jpg

Very excited to be able to perform all these songs tonight with the talented folk who have contributed to the sound and shape of the album ~ Shane O’Mara, Kiernan Box, Ben Wiesner, Rosie Westbrook, BROADS and Rebecca Barnard ~ all join me ~ come one, come all.

Tickets 🎫 here ~

As well as the album we’ll have a new range of tea towels for sale. Using the inside sleeve painting by the wonderful Madeleine Stamer, Sparrow & Swan 100% cotton ~ they really are quite lovely.


Shane and I dropped into Radio National yesterday for an early morning performance of “That Whole Summer Long” ~ you can hear it here about 2:10 into the show.


Thrilled to have Amanda Brown [soundtrack composer, violinist, singer and Go-Between] join us for a few songs at our Sydney show next month at The Camelot 🐪 Lounge ~ Fri May 10. Guaranteed to be special ~

Tickets 🎫 here ~


See you TONIGHT at The Caravan ~


ps. Due to circumstances beyond my control the Adelaide shows at THE WHEATSHEAF have merged into one ~ 5pm [2pm has been axed].



GIDDY~UP 🐎 ~ SNARSKI ~ Melb & Adel shows looming


This week has been filled with radio commitments and rehearsals. The band is sounding mighty fine to my ears, just keeps getting better and better. Spoilt.


Not many people would know this but I sang at the opening of the ABC building at Southbank, there on the rooftop in the presence of the then Prime Minister ~ Paul Keating ~ 1994. Nice to be reminded of this as I wandered into the ABC where I had a chat with Henry Wagons on Double J ~ for Tower of Song.


Great also to chat with Brian Wise on 3RRR last Saturday morning for his long-standing show Off The Record.


M E L B O U R N E ~ The album launch 🚀 is merely days away and there’s still plenty of tickets left at The Caravan Music Club this F R I D A Y ~ come one, come all ... try to be early [830pm] to see the BROADS. We’re on at 930pm [full band] ~ see you there.

Tickets 🎫 here

A D E L A I D E ~ hope you’re all coming along to The Wheatsheaf where I’m in duelling mode with guitarist Shane O’Mara ~ Shane has been the right hand man to many great singer-songwriters including Paul Kelly, Chris Wilson, Stephen Cummings and with his own band Rebecca’s Empire ~ would be great to see some familiar faces at The Wheaty.

Tickets 🎫 here

Here’s a snippet from rehearsal ~ Equine Dreaming [outro] with BROADS.



Sparrow & Swan: the musicians, plus video peek

Pleased to unveil just some of the ensemble involved in the recording of SPARROW & SWAN and who will also be joining me along with super gal duo BROADS and Rebecca Barnard for the album launch at The Caravan Music Club.

Here we have ~ Ben Wiesner : drums, Rosie Westbrook : double bass, Shane O’Mara : guitars, yours truly and Kiernan Box : keyboards. Rehearsals have been sounding exceptional ~ if you don’t mind me saying.

20190324-_MG_8632 copy.jpg

We had a lot of fun putting this footage together. Here’s a video teaser for the single ~ ALL GOD’S CREATURES ~ shot in the Sherbrooke Forest not far from home, by my good pal Taryn Lee Steere 🎥

Thanks to all the children who starred ~ energy levels were cracking the richter scale, no limbs were broken and no-one was bitten by a snake or attacked by a wombat, thankfully.

Album launch coming up all too soon at The Caravan, Friday April 5th ~ see you there with this stellar cast ... then onto Adelaide with guitar maestro Shane O’Mara for two special shows at The Wheatsheaf [early and not so late] Sunday April 14th.

20190324-_MG_8730 copy.jpg

Come one, come all.

Just on a fanboy note ~ saddened by the news of the great Scott Walker passing away. If you’ve never heard Scott 1-4 and love lush orchestrations, visceral and visual lyrics sung beyond beautifully, he may be someone you’d like to tune into. Here’s one of my favourites ~ ROSEMARY.



CD Out ~ Shows Ahead ~ Album Launch

2019 tour 03.JPG

Tick-tock... the album launch is only three weeks away ~ so get in real quick for a table seat at the new Caravan Music Club. I’ll be joined by the magnificent players on the record ~ Shane O’Mara [guitars] Kiernan Box [piano | organ] Rosie Westbrook [double bass] Ben Wiesner [drums] and the glorious vocals of Kelly Day and Jane Hendry aka BROADS, singing back-up, with Jane adding a touch of violin. We’ll be concentrating on the new album but also delving into some of my favourite songs from my back catalogue ~ Wounded Bird, Low Fidelity and There Is Nothing Here That Belongs To You.

It’s Adelaide’s turn next with two shows at The Wheatsheaf [early and not so late] on Sunday April 14. Shane O’Mara will be on the road with me for the remainder of the tour ~ he’s the producer of the album and took great care in shaping the sound of the record, not only that but he’s a maestro guitarist ... incredible.


Thanks again to all those who pre-ordered SPARROW & SWAN. It should be in your local, beloved record shop by now but you can still purchase online here for a signed copy from me.

The album is also available to order via Bandcamp and iTunes.


Here’s a little bit about Track 3 ‘Robert Mitchum at Mitcham Station’ ~ a train trip [over the course of decades] pays homage to forgotten Hollywood star Robert Mitchum ~ if not for one little vowel. The song deals with the intimacy of the train carriage’s enclosed space, blasé and apathetic behaviours ~ conversations overheard, drug dealings, romantic notions, and our obsession with popular culture.

Things we do and sometimes dream up to try to escape the general ennui we experience in our day to day existence.



New CD Sparrow & Swan is here



Amazing, Sparrow & Swan is earlier than expected. It’s here ~ Sparrow & Swan have landed [I know, terrible ...obvious pun]. Excuse my excitement.

The anxious, arduous wait is over and I can send out all the pre-orders to the kind folk who have purchased the CD - so expect a delivery in the next few days, and for those overseas, I’m guessing a week. It’s the one time I don’t mind waiting in the queue at Australia Post. Yippee-i-O.

This recording has exceeded all my expectations ~ mainly through the generous time given to the project by the immensely talented folk involved in its conception. Big, big, BIG thanks to Shane O’Mara, Ben Wiesner, Kiernan Box, Ben Franz, Rosie Westbrook, BROADS [Kelly & Jane] and the wondrous Rebecca Barnard ~ the majority of whom will be performing these songs with me at The Caravan Music Club [Melbourne] for the southside album launch on Friday April 5 with special guests ~ BROADS. Be quick to get a table seat, lickety split, tickets available here.

Shane O’Mara will also take off with me around the country to play you these tunes at some of my favourite venues in some of my favourite cities. Can hardly wait. Hopefully see you there.

The album should be available in your beloved local record store on March 15, but if you rather a signed copy sooner, head here:

Hope you all like the tunes.

Bye for now ~ I’m off to the post office.
R x




Sparrow & Swan

Sparrow & Swan cover 1500px.jpg

I’m thrilled to announce the completion of my brand spanking new solo album SPARROW & SWAN.
Recorded and mixed by Shane O’Mara at Yikesville Studio, Yarraville over last spring and our current summer. It’s a collection of songs I’ve been working on over the last few years ~ primarily written by myself, with one co-write from “Evil” Graham Lee (The Triffids | The Blackeyed Susans)

SPARROW & SWAN sees a gravitational pull towards the narrative, a change in direction and a newfound song writing process. Conversations turn into song, late night tales become the tunes ~ there are stories here from Brisbane cab drivers, girls from Belfast ‘74 in search of Van Morrison, football players and their protégés, relationships sparked in TABs, sightings of Robert Mitchum at Mitcham Station, a sailor in search of Helsinki ...and the weather ~ there’s always the weather, the extremities ~ the sun burning a hole in the sky or snow falling upon ancient ice ...and birds ~ what’s with the birds?

A delightful cast of musicians contributed to the recording of the album ~ including the vocal talents of songstress and singer extraordinaire Rebecca Barnard, along with the wonderkinds ~ Jane and Kelly aka Broads, the nimble fingers of Kiernan Box on piano, organ and accordion, along with both Ben Franz and Rosie Westbrook on double bass, and king tub thumper Ben Wiesner on drums and percussion. Add to this Shane O’Mara’s distinctive, intricate guitar work and production and the musical palette lies somewhere between Havana and Helsinki ~ think a cuban cigar with a liquorice ice cream.

The first single ALL GOD'S CREATURES is available here for your listening pleasure.

ALL GOD’S CREATURES takes a stroll through a dramatic Australian summer day where our seasons clash big time, “the heat shakes the air ...and the rain vows to kiss the ground” ... and somehow within the struggle of grander ideas ~ the science of climate and the existence of a God.

Pre-orders for the album SPARROW & SWAN are available here through our Big Cartel shop if you’re keen to be first off the blocks ~ we promise to post them out as soon as the CDs arrive from our dear friends at DEX.


I’ll be embarking on a national autumnal tour with maestro guitarist and producer Shane O’Mara accompanying me throughout. He knows the songs of SPARROW & SWAN intimately, having weaved his colour and sparkle through the songs. Playing some of my favourite venues around the country.

2019 tour 03.JPG

Friday 5 April - Caravan Music Club, Melbourne VIC | Tickets | with full band and special guests ~ Broads
Sunday 14 April (2pm) - The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide SA | Tickets
Sunday 14 April (5pm) - The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide SA | Tickets
Saturday 4 May - The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne VIC | Tickets | with full band and special guest ~ Rebecca Barnard
Friday 10 May - Camelot Lounge, Sydney NSW | Tickets
Saturday 25 May - Smith's Alternative, Canberra ACT | Tickets
Saturday 1 June - The Junk Bar, Brisbane QLD | Tickets
Friday 14 June - The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine VIC | Tickets
Saturday 15 June - The Lost Ones Basement Bar, Ballarat VIC | Tickets

Hope to see you out there......Rx

Always a joy to work with  Madeleine Stamer  who has provided us with a beautiful artwork for the lyric book of the album.

Always a joy to work with Madeleine Stamer who has provided us with a beautiful artwork for the lyric book of the album.



All God's Creatures


Very excited to announce the completion of the new album SPARROW & SWAN due for release mid-March.

With the first single ALL GOD’S CREATURES available here for your listening pleasure. It features exquisite guitar work from Shane O’Mara, beautiful harmonies from gal duo BROADS and a Havana~style piano solo from the wandering hands of Kiernan Box. ALL GOD’S CREATURES takes a wander through a dramatic Australian summer day where “the heat shakes the air and the rain vows to kiss the ground”.

We're bringing the band to the Caravan Music Club for the launch of SPARROW & SWAN on Friday April 5 with special guests ~ BROADS. Tickets on sale now.

More news coming very soon...



The heat shakes the air as it rises from the ground
The shadows from the trees shift with the breeze without a sound
Bugs and the bees, flowers and the trees close around you
As the heat shakes the air
Agapanthus, dandelions reach out towards the sun
The willow weeps along the creek sensing that the spell has just begun
Dragonflies and birds of prey awaken to a brand new day
As the heat shakes the air
Grass seeds cling onto your clothes they’re hanging off them weary bones
It’s 29 there in the shade, welcome to a summer’s day
Cicadas drone their lonesome song that follows you until you’re home
As the heat shakes the air
Thunder’s cracking overhead affirmation of a change
The mercury drops and the seasons clash again
Clouds wrap themselves around the sun relief for everything and everyone
As the heat shakes the air
Now the rain has vowed to kiss the ground
For all God’s creatures



Thank you 16 Lovers Lane / BRISBANE tonight / and more


It was such an honour to be part of the stellar line-up for 16 Lovers Lane. If I were to be honest, I’d tell you I almost choked during the spoken word part of Cattle and Cane ~ those of you who’ve read my book might recall how important that song is to me. Lindy, Amanda and John - so important to have had the chance to revisit these glorious songs. Thank you for inviting me.


I’m back in solo mode, playing two shows in BRISBANE at The Junk Bar - TONIGHT!!! 🌲🌲🌲
~ the hippest bar this side of Twin Peaks. Tickets for the late show are still available. Early show **sold out**


My first show at The Standard Hotel in Fitzroy felt incredibly strange ~ almost like I’d never walked through those doors before.

I’m back there this Sunday before I head off to ADELAIDE and miss one. Two more Sundays, Oct 14 & 28 from 5pm-7pm ~ 293 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy **free**

R x



16 Lovers Lane / 3 Sundays in Fitzroy / 2nd BRISBANE Show


Just a reminder that “16 Lovers Lane” ~ The Go-Betweens classic album is part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival this coming Saturday. Lindy, Amanda and John revisit the last album they made together with Robert Forster and Grant McLennan before they parted ways. Special guest singers include myself, Paul Kelly, Dave Graney, Jen Cloher, Laura Jean, Alex Gow (Oh Mercy) Dan Kelly & Romy Vager (RVG)... all taking place at The Arts Centre Saturday in the heart of Melbourne.

I’m returning to one of my old haunts this Sunday. When I wasn’t just another bar fly I poured beers at The Standard Hotel (293 Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy) and sang occasionally on their stage. Sunday, I’m starting a three week residency - performing two sets from 5-7pm. These three Sundays - Oct 7, 14 & 28 ~ I’ll be away in Adelaide at The Wheatsheaf on the 21st (in case you were wondering).

B R I S B A N E ~ don’t forget there’s been a second show added at The Junk Bar - a late show with a 930-ish start time. It’s a lovely intimate space - come along.
***FRIDAY OCT 12***
Lots of new tunes, some BOOK reading, familiar songs, old and in-between ~

Here’s a nice quote from Mick Thomas “Last night at the Merri Creek Tavern I saw Rob Snarski play an eight minute ballad about two girls in Northern Ireland crossing peace lines to go to a secret Van Morrison gig. Chasing Van it was called. If there's a better new song going 'round I'd like to hear it.”

See you Rx




This Friday (Melb) + Junk Bar Late


Grand Final Eve looms large in Melbourne and I look forward to sharing a few tunes and tales at the Merri Creek Tavern in Westgarth this Friday. I’m contemplating wearing a football guernsey ... then again, maybe not.


Thanks to all who’ve bought tickets to The Junk Bar in Brisbane ~ we’ve added a second show now ~ Ashgrove, the closest I’ll get to Twin Peaks.


Rewind <<<<

The video for The Blackeyed Susans “A Curse On You” has been doing the rounds, here’s a still. This is what I looked like with a head full of hair.





Spring < solo > shows & GOBs


Shows are popping up like daffodils across the land - great to be able to share my new tunes last month at a sold out show at The Winnebago Lounge with Shane O’Mara - thanks to all who came along.

My first < s o l o > show for spring starts at Mick Thomas’ new bar in Westgarth, that little southern pocket of Northcote on Grand Final Eve. Yes, the Friday holiday we’re indulged with in Melbourne. I’ll be playing two sets, including a lot of the newly penned tunes, interspersed with the old and familiar, reading from the BOOK as well. Promise I’ll sing a thinly disguised song relating to football. 
Book Tickets

Members of The Go-Betweens have put together a stellar cast of singers to perform the songs from “16 Lovers Lane” as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival ~ Paul Kelly, Jen Cloher, Alex Gow, Laura Jean, Romy Vager, Dave Graney, Clare Moore and myself all have the honour of revisiting the past and singing the much loved songs of Robert and Grant on that vast stage of the Arts Centre Melbourne. 
Book Tickets

2018 Basso show 9-11-18.JPG

Perth solo shows have been added to the calendar. Playing The Bassendean Hotel on Friday Nov 9 with special guest Catherine Traicos.
Book Tickets

Also heading to the Fremantle Arts Centre on Sunday for the afternoon session. There may even be a slot left for an acoustic house concert on Saturday Nov 10 - if anyone is keen to have me grace their living room let Andrew at RSHQ know.


<<<<< rewind - from the archives

My brother Mark was in town briefly (he lives in Madrid these days), encouraged to sort through the rubble of his belongings he came across this tape. I know I have one somewhere. It’s a recording made with David McComb, Kenny Davis Junior and myself in 1990 at Island Studios, Chiswick UK. David encouraged me to sing ... to sing the song. 




Busy Times Ahead

It’s been a quiet, cold winter out there. In my world however quiet ... and not so quiet. I’ve been piecing together the songs that will become the next solo album. In fact recording has only just begun with maestro, Shane O’Mara at the helm. 


Here’s the majestic drum kit sans drummer, I never did get a good shot of tub thumper Ben Wiesner. Thanks Ben. 


Shows are springing up across the country, which gives me the opportunity to play these new tunes, read from the B O O K and revisit the familiar. 

Also Acoustic House Concerts are back on!!!! Since I haven’t booked my flights quite yet, have a look to see if there’s a date that suits your town either side of my shows (below) and we’ll take it from there.

I’m playing a show at the stunning new side bar of The Caravan Music Club with Shane O’Mara in about a month's time. Saturday August 25 in fact. It’s small, intimate, 50 person capacity known as The Winnebago Lounge ~ would be good to see you there and get a sense of how the new tunes are settling into the set. TICKETS

The Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 has invited me to chat with Romy Vager (RVG) in a series at ACMI. We’ll be there Sunday September 2 at 2:30pm.
DUETS ~ in conversation with Romy. TICKETS

There’s also a big show with some Go-Betweens in Melbourne ~ performing the songs from 16 Lovers Lane at The Arts Centre with some stellar guests ~ Paul Kelly, Jen Cloher, Romy Vager, Dave Graney, Alex Gow, Laura Jean, Clare Moore, and ... me. TICKETS


Songs from the past, present and future

Sat 25 Aug ~ Winnebago Lounge with Shane O'Mara, Melbourne VIC
Sun 2 Sep ~ Melbourne Writers Festival with Romy Veger at ACMI, Melb VIC
Sat 6 Oct ~ The Go-Betweens 16 Lovers Lane at State Theatre, Melbourne VIC
Fri 12 Oct ~ The Junk Bar, Brisbane QLD
Sun 21 Oct ~ Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide SA (afternoon show)
Sat 3 Nov ~ Smith's Alternative, Canberra ACT
Sun 11 Nov ~ Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle WA (free afternoon show)

Also I found this old clipping in a cardboard box. 1992, shot at The Standard Hotel, Fitzroy with our first Melbourne line-up. I don’t recognise myself. 


See you soon,



THIS FRIDAY~ BES w/ strings at The Melb Recital Centre

IMG_5628 copy.JPG

Hoping you can all be there to see and hear the stunning string arrangements our piano player Kiernan Box has worked on over the preceding months for this Friday’s show at The Melbourne Recital Centre.

It truly is something to behold. Colour, drama, beauty, lushness and grandeur. There will be 14 of us on stage ~ Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors) joins us on trumpet and the uber-talented Clare Moore (Dave Graney and the Mistly) on vibraphone, along with our six piece string section.

Come one, come all ... step right up. 

Special guests ~ instrumental leviathans  ~ The Hungry Ghosts.

See you there,

A snippet from the strings rehearsal in preparation for Susans + Strings at Melbourne Recital Centre, April 2018.




Not long now...


Not long now until our Susans + Strings show at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Friday, April 20th. If you’re yet to secure a ticket you might like to take advantage of the new seats in the wings and circle areas that have just been released. The wings in particular look great for those that like a high vantage point with good views of the stage.  Location, loca…

We’re certainly excited about it. Six Blackeyed Susans + six string players + Clare Moore (The Moodists / Coral Snakes / Dave Graney & The Mistly) on Vibes + Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors) on Trumpet = a bloody, big and beautiful band! Can't wait...scores are being written, set lists finalised, rehearsals booked…it’s gonna be lush. 

Special guests are the the sublime instrumental leviathans ...HUNGRY GHOSTS, led by our own J.P. Shilo.


jack howard.jpg



**SYD & WOLLONGONG** this weekend**


It’s been quite a while since I’ve performed in solo mode, a tad anxious I must admit. Wondering just how the new and old and not-so-old songs will be received. 

The last time I performed in Wollongong may well have been with The Blackeyed Susans and The Dirty Three. I remember Warren being quite playful saying something along the lines of “Good evening Newcastle!!” before launching into some sonic violin swell. 

Anyway, let’s see if the weather holds up, if the baby sitters are organised and the stars align ...hopefully I’ll be seeing you. 

Rob x 



Sydney & Wollongong ROB


Well it looks like Django Bar is selling well enough to move the show into the bigger room upstairs at The Camelot Lounge, more seating and comfort I’m guessing. Hope that’s alright for everyone. Purchased tickets are valid and booking is still the same. Ticket info here.


In the meantime I was approached by a chap in Wollongong who’s decided to host an intimate gathering on Sunday March 18 (early afternoon) in his backyard with a little PA.

Open to anyone friends. If you’re interested the information is here.


New songs are taking shape and the temperature in Melbourne is a mild 20 degrees. 

See you soon,

R x




Solo guy S Y D N E Y


To have sung with The Triffids over the years and now more recently with The Go-Betweens at Sydney’s State Theatre I feel like the mountains to climb are somehow fewer. Or have I simply missed some. Where should I be looking ..? It was such an honour to have been asked by Lindy, John and Amanda to sing Quiet Heart from 16 Lovers Lane, to duet with Romy Vager and to warble with Dave Mason this last week. Where to now one wonders..? I’ve attached some pics from behind the scenes. 

Here’s a review of the concert also if you’re interested ... another review here.


I’m heading back to S Y D N E Y to perform in solo mode at The Django Bar @ Camelot Lounge, Marrickville on Saturday March 17. 

It’s an intimate space and I’m singing songs from the past, present and future ... yes that’s right, some new tunes. I’m hoping to share a few chapters from my B O O K of vignettes.

Try here for tickets.


Also a reminder The Blackeyed Susans perform at Melbourne’s Recital Centre with a string section on April 20, expanded by the addition of Clare Moore on vibes and Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors / Midnight Oil) on trumpet. It’s promising to be beautiful and lush. Tickets here.


Thanks friends,
R x



Susans with Strings/Rob with Go-Betweens...

Susans A5 flyer Recital Centre_digital.jpg

We’re delighted to announce that THE BLACKEYED SUSANS are playing the MELBOURNE RECITAL CENTRE on FRIDAY, APRIL 20th! How classy and grown-up! And befitting such an occasion, we’re expanding the line-up with a STRING SECTION, plus CLARE MOORE (vibes) and JACK HOWARD (trumpet) will be joining us for the evening. It’s going to be LUSH! What’s more, J.P. SHILO'S sublime instrumental group HUNGRY GHOSTS will be kicking off proceedings with a rare opening set. This is it, folks; The stars have aligned. Your favourite MOODY ROMANTICS playing the best room in Melbourne with STRINGS and a raft of very SPECIAL GUESTS. Reasonably priced too. 

Never before staged in Melbourne, SUSANS + STRINGS sold out at the Sydney Festival in 2016. We humbly suggest you DON’T MISS OUT…


This week I’ll be in Sydney singing songs from 16 Lovers Lane at The State Theatre with members of The Go-Betweens and a stellar array of singers ranging from Dave Mason, Peter Milton-Walsh, Romy Vager, Steve Kilbey and more. All part of The Sydney Festival, celebrating a classic Australian album. 

Here’s a little snippet from an ancient scrapbook I’ve got tucked away ... nearly thirty five years later. Who would have thought?


I’ll be returning to Sydney for an intimate show at the Django Bar in Marrickville, Saturday March 17 - playing songs from past and present, reading chapters from “Crumbs From The Cake” and taking a request or two ... if there’s anything you’d like to hear, best let me know soon and maybe jot that date down in your diary. 

R x



Christmas Sale: LOW FIDELITY CD $9.95

Seasons Greetings.

Thanks to all who’ve come along to my solo shows, the book launches and The Blackeyed Susans’ “Close Your Eyes and See” tour across the country, throughout the year...and of course the recent weekend of Christmas Shows in Melbourne. 

It’s been a bit of a hectic year, productive with some unexpected moments.

Very much looking forward to being part of 16 Lovers Lane - The Go-Betweens concert at The State Theatre in Sydney as part of The Sydney Festival 2018. I’m one of a handful of guest vocalists performing the songs from 16 Lovers Lane with past members Amanda Brown, John Willsteed and Lindy Morrison.

Tickets still available here but be quick, they’re nearing capacity.

Also, The Blackeyed Susans will be performing at The Melbourne Recital Centre with a string section in April. Our only Melbourne show for the first half of the year. Tickets will go on sale in January so keep an eye out as it’s not often we have the opportunity to perform with such a resplendent backdrop.


I’ve recently been bestowed a supply of my 2015 CD “Low Fidelity” (Songs By Request Volume 1) - a quirky collection of songs chosen by/requested by y’all. Covering everyone from Joni Mitchell, Lee Hazelwood, Spiritualized, Pulp, Lou Reed, Edwyn Collins to Glen Campbell and many, many more. Recorded in parts on my iphone in the hills of TECOMA before Shane O’Mara coloured the musical palette with all manner of sounds and exquisite guitar noodlings. The artwork also features two works by renowned Melbourne painter, extraordinaire Fiona McMonagle. 

Available now at very special, lowly Christmas price of $9.95 plus postage. Be quick.

Here’s a little video I put together too. Don’t ask me how to change the music, I haven’t mastered that.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.